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Hacienda Monte Rojo Coffee

You are about to adopt an arabica coffee tree of the highest quality in Las Marias Puerto Rico. Harvest times vary from farm to farm. We are currently looking at a harvest and shipment time of October 2022 for our farm in Hacienda Monte Rojo, you will be shipped one pound of roasted coffee beans with your name on it. We only ship the finest selection of roasted coffee beans to preserve freshness. We will never send coffee that is already ground, because the best flavors come from grinding the coffee right before you make a cup.

If you require more than one pound per tree, then you may select a maximum quantity of 3 (3 lbs).
We automatically add an additional 5% off if you order more than 1 pound.

*If you would also like to gift another tree to someone else, then create a separate order for each tree.

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Each additional pound will be 5% off. (Max quantity 3 pounds)

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